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Ahmedabad Training Institute offers comprehensive knowledge on the latest version of the powerful web development framework Laravel. This training program is ideal for web developers and programmers looking to increase their knowledge and skill level on the Laravel framework.

This comprehensive training course will teach you the basics of the Laravel Framework and how to use it to create dynamic web applications. You’ll learn how to build a web application with the Laravel Framework, including how to structure and manage the code, how to create and use models and controllers, and how to work with forms and validation.

Our course instructors are experienced professionals in the field of web development and have an extensive amount of experience in the use of Laravel. They will provide you with the latest tips and tricks that can be used to build robust and efficient web applications. You will learn how to develop web applications from scratch, create complex database queries, integrate frontend and backend technologies, and much more.

You will also learn how to use the Eloquent ORM to query the database, how to use relationships between models, and how to develop custom views with Blade templating. We will also cover authentication, authorization and security best practices, as well as how to deploy your application to a production server.

At the end of the course, you will have developed a complete web application using Laravel and have the confidence to start building web applications on your own.

If you are looking to become a professional web developer, then Laravel Training Course in Ahmedabad is the perfect choice for you. We look forward to helping you advance your skills and take your career to the next level. Sign up today and join us to get started!


Benefits of Laravel Framework Training Course:

  • In Demand PHP Framework
  • Higher Job Opportunities
  • Laravel is having good career in present and future
  • Increasing Salary

Laravel Training Course Content:


  • Core/Advance PHP
  • OOPs
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Introduction to Laravel

  • Request Life Cycle
  • Framework Directory Structure

Routing and Response

  • Simple Routing
  • Route Parameters Mapping
  • Named Routing
  • Routing Group URLS
  • Response and Redirects

Middleware & Controllers

  • Registering Middleware
  • Middleware Parameters
  • Basic Controllers
  • Resource Controllers

Forms & Validation

  • Form Designing
  • CSRF Protection
  • Form Model Binding
  • Generating URLs
  • Form Request Validation
  • Working With Error Messages
  • Validating Input Arrays

Blade Templates

  • Template Inheritance
  • Displaying Data
  • Control Structures

Database Connectivity

  • Connecting to the Database
  • Using Raw SQL and Query Builder
  • Relationships
  • Database transaction
  • Display, Insert, Update & Delete

Login and Authentication

  • Login system development
  • Authentication of Different Users
  • Logout from Website

Advanced Techniques

  • Javascript and Jquery
  • External PHP Script Loading
  • Payment Integration
  • CSV and PDF Script

Course Fees: 18,000 INR

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