Codeigniter Framework Training Course

Ahmedabad Training Institute offers Industry Level Codeigniter Training Course in Ahmedabad. Codeigniter is famous among PHP web developers because it is easy to learn this PHP Framework. We are having experienced codeigniter developers, who will teach you and help in building your career in PHP Web Development.

What is Codeigniter ?

CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework which is used for building dynamic websites with PHP.

Top Codeigniter Features:

  • Free for Use
  • Follows MVC Pattern
  • Light Weight Framework
  • SEO Friendly URLS
  • Built in Libraries

Benefits of Codeigniter Framework Training Course:

  • Job Assistance for students
  • Best Career Opportunities
  • Better salary growth

Codeigniter Training Course Content:


  • Core/Advance PHP
  • OOPs
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript

CodeIgniter Setup and Configuration

  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing CodeIgniter
  • What is PHP MVC framework
  • Basic configuration options
  • Database Configuration
  • Removing index.php from url using .htaccess
  • CodeIgnitor Directory Structure
  • Making seo friendly url
  • Routing of page
  • config.php, database.php, autoload.php,routes.php

First CodeIgniter Application

  • Library class
  • Creating Controller
  • Creating Model
  • Creating view
  • Template Making in Codeigniter
  • Helpers
  • Library

Codeigniter Database Connectivity

  • Introduction
  • Configuring CodeIgniter for databases
  • Active Record – Insert Record
  • Active Record – Display Records
  • Active Record – Update Record
  • Active Record – Delete Record
  • Looping using database results
  • Counting the number of records results
  • Codeignitor with Ajax example
  • Error Handling

Custom Modules and Coding

  • Making Helpers
  • Making Library
  • Codeigniter HMVC (Module Based MVC)

Session and Cookie

  • Session
  • Creating and Using Session Variable
  • Cookie
  • Creating and Using Cookie Values
  • Login Page
  • Securing Website using Session
  • Logout User from Website


  • Sending HTML e-mails
  • Sending attachments

Advanced Techniques

  • Shopping Cart Library
  • Javascript and Jquery
  • External PHP Script Loading
  • Payment Integration
  • CSV and PDF Script

Course Fees: 10,000 INR